Digital Sales Book for iPad

Presentations so fluid, they feel like a native app.

Present anything.
Do it like a pro.

Dynamic App-like presentations for iPad.

Q1 Design is now an approved Plate design agency.

With Plate, the Q1 Design interactive presentation and sales solution is now available on iPad.

So easy - and fun to use.


A revolutionary way to use images, videos, PDFs in your presentations.


Let others explore your product like never before.


Works just like your phone: Tap, swipe, flick, drag, pinch and rotate.

Fully interactive, highly intuitive.

One intuitive interface with many workflows to customise the way you present.

Videos, pictures, PDFs? No problem.

Lightning fast performance so impressive, it will even make your 2011 iPad 2 feel new again.

Over 100+ teams use Plate.

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