Their work is an integral part of the NSW rescue services and is paramount to providing quick and life-saving assistance to people in cases of emergency, with a force which also includes Aerial Patrols, Communications, Caving, Bush Search and Rescue, Ski Patrols and Community First Aid teams.

We had the tremendous privilege to work very closely with the administrative team of the VRA to design and developed a custom incident and training reporting system. We are proud that this has provided the VRA teams with a quicker and more efficient reporting tool, which in turn enables them to focus their attention more to helping and supporting the community.
'It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with the team at Q1 Design. We worked with them very closely to develop a very comprehensive documentation and reporting tool. Prior to us using our custom VRA platform, we were using an out-dated reporting system consisting of hand-written reports and excel sheets, which was not only time-consuming from start to finish, but more importantly lead to flawed and inaccurate reports. The Q1 team were very thorough in trying to understand the challenges we were facing and worked tirelessly to find and develop elegant solutions to all our problems. The level of service and timeliness of the Q1 Design team has far exceeded our expectations. The final result is a very efficient and intuitive platform, enabling us to create digital reports on site and in real time, with the ability to track incident details, training hours and reports. The portal also has a comprehensive document control system and can be used by all our Rescue Squads and Executive teams through an online portal and a native iOS app for iPad. We are very happy to have worked and continuing working with the Q1 Design team and we look forward to the next projects.”

Luis Perez-Mora - Data & IT Logistics Manager