Sales Portal

The Billbergia Sales Portal is a custom state of art sales management system, which was developed in very close collaboration with the Billbergia team. The portal has become the backbone of Billbergia’s entire operation, managing its entire developments portfolio and the complete listings sales process from start to finish.

The platform enables the management of all the listings from one centralized location, with the ability to add and view reports, floor plans, and solicitor documents.

The portal is a sales tracker which enables the company to view the status of a listing and to add information as the sales process evolves from expressions of interest, to first down payments to solicitor reports to the listing handover form which is integrated in the platform.
“Q1 Design has made our everyday business activities simple, efficient and straightforward. We have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients on how easy it is to use the platform, making all our working relations seamlessly smooth. Thanks to the team for your continuous support as we build and expand on this platform. We look forward to further collaborations.”

Ava Loi - Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator
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